why choose us

“At Squared Financial Solutions, our aim is to work with you to help you realise a brighter future.”

We make certain our clients are satisfied and appropriately cared for, providing advice in all areas of financial services under the one umbrella.

The advice process we have formed within Squared Financial Solutions is unique, innovative, relationship-driven, transparent and pro-active.

Our number one focus is our clients and building a long term relationship by providing outstanding advice and customer service.

The financial advice we will provide you:

  • Takes into account your personal needs and goals.
  • Puts your needs first.
  • Is provided to you in clear and understandable terms.
  • Is explained in writing (in a Statement of Advice).
  • Is explained to you verbally with the opportunity to ask questions.
  • Includes strategies and solutions addressing your financial goals and objectives.
  • Clearly identifies costs which are openly discussed and explained.
  • Explains conflicts of interest which may influence the adviser’s recommendations.
  • Financial advisers at Squared Financial Solutions commit to professional standards and ongoing personal development to keep their technical skills at a high level in order to deliver you with expert personal financial advice and service..

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