You never know when illness or injury will strike. That’s why having a sound insurance strategy in place is so important. It’s about protecting your wealth as much as it is about building it.

It’s easy to think that we won’t get sick or injured and ignore the need to protect what generates our wealth, our own health and ability to work. But if accident or serious illness does occur, the impact can be devastating. Where that leaves you and your loved ones in the future depends on the wealth protection strategy you have in place.

Your financial plan should include a strategy to minimize the impact of risks that could jeopardize both your present and future plans.

A Squared Financial Solutions Adviser can help you. They will assist you with financial advice on:

  • Understanding your current situation.
  • Identifying which insurance options are appropriate for you.
  • Ensuring your assets are adequately protected.
  • Looking at suitable funding options (inside or outside of superannuation.)

Your Squared Financial Solutions Adviser will work with you to develop an insurance strategy plan that’s specifically tailored to you.

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